The Increase Your Traffic System

Increase Your Traffic Inc. is a Full Service Search Engine Marketing Company and the Originators of the Official Increase Your Traffic System with 11 years of success Making Money for it’s clients. Our company provides innovative solutions that Create Online Visibility, Maximize Sales, and increase ROI. Located in New York City, Increase Your Traffic is a national based company that specializes in the critical aspects and services associated with search engine marketing such as link building, online video, local search, social media promotion, pay per click and web design and usability just to name a few.

About our Increase Your Traffic System:

If you are looking to increase your targeted traffic and increase your online sales you are in the right place. The question is do you have an effective search engine marketing plan that will have you on in the first page and more importantly within the first three spots of search engine giants like Google, Yahoo and Bing? If not here is what you are missing:

1. First spot on Google: Being number one Google means you will get 41% of all the clicks associated with that search.

2. Second spot on Google: Number two gets 12%.

3. Third spot on Google: Number three gets 8.5%.

The numbers fall off sharply from there. These statistics don’t lie. Add to that the fact that 2 out of every 3 Internet users perform a local business search online and you can easily see why search engine marketing is so valuable.

We work with clients from all walks of life. We work with every type of local business you could imagine from the local builder, to the local doctor, to the local real estate agent, you name it, if it’s local, we cover it. Here’s the main difference with us. We only represent one local business per industry for a specific area. So if we already represent a local builder in Atlanta, we will never take on another one in that area. Try getting that kind of service and commitment from the yellow pages or your local phone book. We pride ourselves on our commitment in become your local business partner. Working with us means that you have all of the tools in your corner that you need to ensure online success.

Topics Covered:

Local Search: Let’s face it, we live in a digital world and most people rarely use the phone book anymore. By effectively marketing your business at the local internet level, you give yourself a distinct advantage over the competition and no one knows more about the power of the local search than we do.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): While it is important to have an attractive website for your visitors, it is also equally important that your website maintain a level of relevancy with the search engines. Having a website that can accomplish both is a true work of art and function.

Web Design: Anyone can create a website today utilizing a number of cookie-cutter templates but the website will simply not be unique. We can work with you to help make your website user friendly, search engine friendly and stand out in the crowd.

Reputation Management: Getting the word out about your business online is only step one. Once it is out you have to be sure that it stays in good standing. Our staff will not only help you spread the good word about your business online, but they will ensure that it remains a good word.

Pay Per Click (PPC): When done properly, PPC can be the fastest way to bring in a wealth of visitors to your website. Our PPC service greatly compliments our SEO services. If your website appears both in the organic and paid listing section of the SERPS customers are an additional 12 % more likely to click through to your site.

E-Mail Marketing: Communication on an ongoing business is the key to your local business’ success. We will set up an e-mail marketing campaign for you that will be much more effective than direct mailing and will save you money as well. An effective e-mail marketing campaign will allow you to stay in contact with existing customers and turn those online sales leads into real sales.

Social Media Marketing: The new way of communicating with people from all over your area. Social media allows people of like interests to get together and share their thoughts, their passions, and their lives with one another. An effective social media marketing campaign set up by us will have more prospects coming your way and will give you another unique way to build business and increase your bottom line. It is estimated that two out of every three people are now using social media in some form which means a huge opportunity to increase your local business’ visibility online.

Working with Increase Your Traffic will help you to realize just how much more your company can do when properly exposed at a local level online. Contact us today !

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